Tige is the only brand of tow boats on which each model is 100% versatile: you can surf, wakeboard or ski on every single one of our boats.

No other brand can do that with the quality of wake and ride we offer.

HOW does Tige do that?

Through years of R&D, tank testing, sea trials and patenting and the perfect, precise combination of 4 systems:


First is the shape of the hull. We call it Convex V Hull. It’s patented. It creates a special hydrodynamic movement that allows the boat to take different positions on the water with optimum resistance.

On the stern of the boat, there are 2 military grade tabs that can withstand a pressure of 3 tons. These trim tabs allow provide lift to the boat. The system is patented as well.

Then we have these massive ballasts in the hull that fill and empty very fast.

Finally, the Chef d’Orchestre: the one that coordinates it all and make all the calculations for you to give you THE perfect ride: The Go System. While you push the GO button, the computer makes all the perfect calculations and settings to give you exactly what you ned, regardless of the number of people you have on board.

Our competitors offer a small gate at the bottom of the hull. Our system does not even begin to compare. This is why with competitors, you will have to select your boat according to the activity you want to do.

With Tige, you can do it all, at all levels.